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Payment Gateway

If you have investigated launching an e-commerce effort, you would probably have noticed the steep learning curve and the daunting complexity involved.The exorbitant costs of e-commerce payment gateway solutions provided by financial institutions; the sheer volume of different software components and the challenge of integrating them, can discourage anyone from going into the business.

We offer CCAvenue payment gateway to transact online business the way you always wanted to:Simple, Fast, Secure, Affordable and Complete. CCAvenue is the only organization to have tie-ups with all major on-line banks and credit card gateways.

With CCAvenue,you are open for business to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANY TIME regardless of geographical boundaries, contingencies and astronomical operational retailing costs.

This payment gateway services offer Indian merchants an outstanding global platform to cost effectively enter the digital economy.

  • All major credit cards processed
  • Direct Debit facility to ten major Banks accounts
  • Verisign 128 bit security and CVM verification
  • No Merchant Account /Special Bank Account necessary
  • Cutting edge M.A.R.S. merchant accounting module
  • Quick and Convenient payout options
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Free Auction Collection Service through Email
  • Free Bill Collection Service through Email
  • Free Shopping Cart
  • Free Virtual Terminal
  • No Chargeback fees

Payment Cycle & Features

    • Modes of payment to choose from
    • Minimum Balance Requirement
    • Set Up fee is a one time fee only.
    • Facility to upgrade from economy scheme to premium scheme by paying the difference in set up fees. No changes to be made at your end.
    • Shopping Cart and other services available to both schemes.
    • Both Schemes to have access to complete online Sub Merchant Account Management , with a central reporting facility on every transaction. This includes reports on sales, credits, voids Œ to support non-repudiation, balancing, portal settlement reporting, processor settlement reporting and other back office functions.
      Visibility into transaction level information is protected by passwords

Payment Gateway Types Schemes
We are offering the following three schemes for you to choose from, as per your business model:-

Type of Scheme Set Up fees
[One time, Non Refundable]
Annual Software Maintenance Cost (ASMC)**
(Payable in April every year OR on Pro Rata basis Thereof)
TDR ***
TDR ***
Cash Cards
/Mobile Payment
TDR ***
Net Banking
All Debit Cards issued in India
Economy Scheme Rs. 7,500/-* Rs. 1,200/-* 7%* 7%* 4%* 1.25%*
Premium Scheme Rs. 25,000/-* Rs. 2,400/-* 5%* 5%* 4%* 1.25%*
Privilege Scheme Rs. 40,000/-* Rs. 3,600/-* 2.5%* 5%* 4%* 1.25%*
* Taxes as applicable will be levied on set up fees, ASMC and Transaction Discount Rate (TDR) charged by CCAvenue. 

** Annual Software Maintenance Charge (ASMC) is charged on a per month basis payable in advance every year in April. Merchants signing on after April need not pay the full ASMC fee. The ASMC fee will be levied on pro-rata basis. 

*** TDR (Transaction Discount Rate) = MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) as specified by Reserve Bank of India + CCAvenue processing charges excluding all taxes.