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Shared Hosting

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In the past, shared hosting has been the most common model for Shared Hosting. A file directory is set up for each domain. Each domain “shares” certain resources, including the web server, mail server, and other key server software components. Each hosting account has a limited ability to run processes for their own use. Shared hosting has significant disadvantages, a few of which are listed below:

  • Stability Issues – Since many accounts are sharing the operating system, web server, mail server and other key resources, a bug or technical problem with one site can cause a system wide crash, which brings down every site on the server.
  • Performance Issues – There is no way to effectively control resource usage in the Shared environment. One account can consume a large portion of CPU, memory or disk space resulting in fewer resources being available for other accounts.
  • Security Issues – Data and configuration settings are co-mingled in the Shared environment and are protected only by file level passwords. The security of your data can be easily compromised.
  • Control Issues – Due to the fact that each account shares core software components, there are many component level configuration settings that must also be shared. This severely limits the ability to configure and control the environment at the individual account level.